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Location : Italy - Sardegna - See the map Aquarius Dive Center - Italy
Address : Villaggio "Le Farfalle"- Loc. Capo Coda Cavallo - San Teodoro (OT) 08020 - Italy
Phone : +39-3332355166
Website : http://www.diveaquarius.net/aquarius/ENG/index.asp
Email : admin@diveaquarius.net
Languages spoken : English  •  French  •  Italian  •  Other  •  Spanish
Diving agencies : BSAC  •  CMAS  •  Others  •  PADI
Courses offered : Dive intro / try dives  •  Open water / beginners course  •  Advanced course  •  Rescue course  •  Divemaster / dive leader  •  Nitrox course  •  Wreck specialty  •  Deep specialty  •  Naturalist specialty  •  Instructor level / IDC  •  Other
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Other courses available : Buoyancy, Computer, Photography, Night, Oxygen support, BLS/CPR, Dry-Suit, Cavern
Safety equipment available : O2 medical kit  •  Medical kits in boat  •  Medical trained staff
Dive centers services : Own boat  •  Kids friendly  •  Own air compressor  •  Combo Lodging with Dives  •  Offer accommodation alone  •  Kayaks  •  TV & movies  •  Internet access  •  Underwater photography or video  •  Equipment gear rentals
Technical diving capacity : Nitrox compressor  •  Rebreather services  •  Cave diving
Type of tank provided : Steel Tank 6 Lts  •  Steel Tank 9-10 Lts  •  Steel Tank 12-13 Lts  •  Steel Tank 15 Lts  •  Other
Typical tank fill : 220 Bar
Price for 1 dive including equipment without staff/guide : 30 to 39 USD
Price for 1 dive including equipment and staff/guide : 60 to 79 USD
Price for 1 dive excluding equipment but with staff/guide : 50 to 59 USD
Note: Prices are given for 1 dive to get a price level comparison. However, many dive centers propose ONLY package for 2 or more dives. So we have divided the total price by the number of dives to obtain the price level for 1 dive.
Time to go to the nearest hospital : Less than 30 minutes
Name of the nearest airport city : Olbia, OLB
Average time to reach this airport : 15 to 30 minutes
Level required : Beginner accepted

Description for the dive shop Aquarius Dive Center - Italy

Dive Center in the Marine Park of Tavolara. Seasonal Opening from April through November to divers, snorkelers and for scuba courses at all levels.

We are inside a beautiful area formed by pines and eucalyptus in the residential complex "Le Farfalle" (Butterflies) in Capo Coda Cavallo, just a few steps from the beach where you embark.
The dive sites in the park are located between 5 and 15 minutes of navigation, giving the possibility of single dives if requested. Whoever decides to stay at the beach, while the group is diving, can enjoy the panorama of Tavolara, crystal clear water, and the ivory sand. The bay has 2-protected areas in the sea perfect for casual diving and for children.
The beach has available all typical services (kiosk, pedal boats, sunbeds, and umbrellas). Within the centre there are several well organized spaces such as the classroom for educational activities, locked areas for the scuba equipment and small private boxes to store personal belongings during the dive.
The dive centre includes a platform to prepare for diving and 20 square meters with 3 sweet water tanks for rinsing equipment. There are practical locked areas for drying the personal wetsuits and 30 private baskets to pack the rest of the scuba gear overnight if required. A welcoming front porch has become over the years a friendly hangout for the divers before and after the excursions. The HD monitor gives you the ability to see our blu-ray movies and personal photos. We offer help in adjusting and fixing equipment if necessary. It is possible to rent all the equipment as well as computers, underwater photography equipment and torches. It also offered the possibility of professional and personalized HD movies on request. Free parking is also available, please ask!
DIVING SCHEDULES: We plan our diving days the evening before and usually operate with 2 dives in the morning and 1 dive in the afternoon. Weekly we often schedule night dives (some of the best ones!!). Meeting time is a calm and leisure 45 minutes before heading down to the beach. This gives us plenty of time without rush and stress to make sure all equipment is fine and organized. After embarking we are in the water about 30 minutes later (finally!).
Dives are on the average 45 minutes but some are over 1 hour (we have some record holders!) and some deeper ones are about 30 minutes. A single dive outing takes about 2 and a half hours in total.

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