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Centro De Buceo Pichidangui - Chile Hot

Location : Chile - See the map
Region info : Chile - Pichidangui
Centro De Buceo Pichidangui - Chile

Address : Calle El Escorpión, entrada oriente Club de Yates, Pichidangui, Chile
Phone : +56 989227772 / +56 97516719
Website : http://www.buceopichidangui.cl/
Email : info@buceopichidangui.cl
Languages spoken : English  •  Italian  •  Portuguese  •  Spanish
Diving agencies : PADI
Courses offered : Dive intro / try dives  •  Open water / beginners course  •  Advanced course  •  Rescue course  •  Divemaster / dive leader  •  Nitrox course
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Safety equipment available : O2 medical kit  •  Medical kits in boat  •  Medical trained staff
Dive centers services : Own boat  •  Own vehicles  •  Own air compressor  •  Pool for training  •  Combo Lodging with Dives  •  Offer accommodation alone  •  Kayaks  •  Restaurant  •  Internet access  •  Underwater photography or video  •  Equipment gear rentals
Type of tank provided : Aluminium 9-10 Lts  •  Aluminium 12-13 Lts  •  Steel Tank 12-13 Lts  •  Steel Tank 15 Lts
Typical tank fill : 200 bar
Price for 1 dive including equipment and staff/guide : 50 to 59 USD
Price for 1 dive excluding equipment but with staff/guide : 30 to 39 USD
Note: Prices are given for 1 dive to get a price level comparison. However, many dive centers propose ONLY package for 2 or more dives. So we have divided the total price by the number of dives to obtain the price level for 1 dive.
Time to go to the nearest hospital : Less than 30 minutes
Name of the nearest airport city : Santiago(Intl), SCL
Average time to reach this airport : Up to 2 hours
Level required : Beginner accepted

Description for the dive shop Centro De Buceo Pichidangui - Chile

The Pichidangui Dive Center, is founded in February 2009. We offer: Diving course at different levels (PADI certification), Discovery Scuba dive, Underwater tourism on the central coast of Continental Chile and Dive trips to easter Island & the Juan Fernandez archipielago. we offer a quality and professional service.

The Chilean Pacific ocean: Chile presents more than 4,200 kilometers of coastline on the mainland and 79.650 kilometers in the southern archipelago, which they leave for tropical waters and end up in Antarctic waters Washed almost in its entirety by the Humboldt current, which brings cold and rich in nutrients, water filling of the more diverse agencies the waters of our country. On the shores of Chile the percentage of endemism is very high, which creates a paradise for the scuba diving, finding representatives of all the animal kingdom, large tracts of forests of macro algae, and a spectacular underwater geography in which it emphasizes the cliffs and caveswhere every inch of this colonized by any living organism. It has coasts Island unique in the world, with high endemism underwater, two examples of this, are the archipelago of Juan Fernández, and a piece of the Polynesia, Rapa-Nui or Easter Island, these places as well as being unique and exotic, they are spectacular conditions for the practice of diving, for the clarity of its waters and its rich biodiversity. The great present on the shores of Chile biodiversity begins to observe in the coastline, where it is possible to recognize a variety of species, both marine and those living associated with these ecosystems. It is this amount of life which welcomed the arrival of the first gatherers- hunters, which found livelihoods here to live. Our coasts have been part of the evolution, and all human processes that have happened to the present day.

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