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Dive Shop Bluefield - Japan Hot

Location : Japan - Okinawa - See the map Dive Shop Bluefield - Japan

Address : 566-15-1F, Mizugama, Kadena-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
Phone : +81-98-957-2200
Website : http://www.bluefi.com/english
Email : english@bluefi.com
Languages spoken : English  •  Japanese
Diving agencies : PADI
Courses offered : Dive intro / try dives  •  Open water / beginners course  •  Advanced course  •  Rescue course  •  Divemaster / dive leader  •  Nitrox course  •  Deep specialty  •  Naturalist specialty  •  Instructor level / IDC  •  Other
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Other courses available : photography
Safety equipment available : O2 medical kit  •  Medical kits in boat  •  Medical trained staff  •  DAN affiliation  •  Antivenin serum available
Dive centers services : Own boat  •  Kids friendly  •  Own vehicles  •  Own air compressor  •  Pool for training  •  Combo Lodging with Dives  •  Kayaks  •  Underwater photography or video  •  Equipment gear rentals
Technical diving capacity : Nitrox compressor
Type of tank provided : Aluminium 9-10 Lts  •  Aluminium 12-13 Lts  •  Steel Tank 9-10 Lts  •  Steel Tank 12-13 Lts
Typical tank fill : 200 bar
Price for 1 dive including equipment and staff/guide : 80 to 99 USD
Price for 1 dive excluding equipment but with staff/guide : 60 to 79 USD
Note: Prices are given for 1 dive to get a price level comparison. However, many dive centers propose ONLY package for 2 or more dives. So we have divided the total price by the number of dives to obtain the price level for 1 dive.
Time to go to the nearest hospital : Less than 10 minutes
Name of the nearest airport city : Okinawa, OKA
Average time to reach this airport : 30 to 60 minutes
Level required : Beginner accepted

Description for the dive shop Dive Shop Bluefield - Japan

Dive Shop Bluefield has been operating as a leading dive center in Okinawa for 12 years. We are experienced professionals, specializing in dive charters around Kerama Islands and Okinawa Main Island. Our three most experienced dive instructors have been diving in the Okinawa region for over 10 years familiarizing themselves with dive sites around the Keramas, Kadena, Sunabe, and also Onna.
Bluefield Dive company owner and captain of the Swift Takashi Mizuno, has contributed a lot to the dive society in Okinawa for many years, and has discovered many dive sites including rewarding drift dive sites and some secret wrecks!
We operate several diving tours from our dive shop located on the main island of Okinawa. From Okinawa you have the choice of taking a half-day or full day boat excursion, or if you prefer, our experienced guides can take you shore diving at our select shore dive sites off Okinawa. If, however, you prefer a full day of diving, we also offer full service dive trips to the Kerama Islands. As you dive in the waters off the Okinawa Main Island you will be greeted by schools of tropical fish as they gather over boundless reefs full of soft and hard corals.

White tip reef sharks are relatively common creatures found on some of our dives, and we even have a special spot, where there is a white tip reef shark nursery, for those adventurous divers. Majestic reef landscapes abound, and the three varieties of sea turtles make this their home. Our dive guides will point out sea turtle resting spots, areas where they have grazed on the coral reefs, and you may even have the opportunity to swim with these gentle creatures.

Okinawa is also an area where huge schools of tuna gather, swimming around the many large underwater pinnacles where there is current flow and abundant food for these fish. The large schools of tuna and big eye jacks form underwater fish tornadoes which are a sight to behold.

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