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Découvrez les fonds marins en plongeant aux Bahamas

The Bahamas has the ultimate reputation for being a place with relaxing days and energetic nights. This has lead to it becoming a prime vacation destination for couples, families, and friends. With so much to do in the Bahamas, the only difficult part is trying to fit in all of the exciting day trips you want, including Bahama scuba diving. This article takes a look at Bahama scuba, one of the most exciting day trips you can take on this tropical vacation.

Exploring The Waters

Bahama scuba diving is the perfect vacation day trip. The balmy temperatures make diving possible year round in the Atlantic and the underwater visibility is crystal clear and ideal for taking gorgeous underwater pictures. While the temperatures are cooler in the winter months, the proximity of the commonwealth to the equator ensures warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight regardless of the season. With temperate water, Bahama scuba conditions are wonderful year round and you will always see divers in the water.

Numerous Diving Possibilities

The many diving facilities available in the commonwealth ensure you will find the Bahama scuba diving company that fits your needs and desires. Regardless of whether you'd prefer to dive with dolphins or swim with sharks, you will find there are plenty of Bahama scuba diving companies that can provide you with an adventure that will fit your budget.

Consider diving at one of two largest port cities of the commonwealth, Freeport or Nassau. By taking your Bahama scuba diving day trip to one of these exciting cities, you can enjoy a wondrous underwater adventure during the day and then fun nightlife in the evening.

Amenities And Equipment

Unless you bring equipment with you, you'll need gear for your Bahama scuba diving encounter. Most companies can provide you with the proper equipment, including wetsuits, fins, cameras, masks, snorkels, regulators, weights, weight belts, tanks, and more as part of your day trip package.

Other common amenities provided by scuba diving companies include showers, gear rinse stations, storage areas for your personal belongings, restrooms, and more. Boats provided by Bahama scuba diving companies usually offer everything you'll need for your adventure, including first aid supplies, fresh water, ice, an ice chest, and more.

Regardless of whether you want to take a break from your Caribbean cruise to explore the wonders under the sea or you're a serious diver who is looking for a new challenge, you'll find what you're looking for a one of the many Bahama scuba diving companies. From novice to advanced certified, you'll find the perfect scuba diving adventure in the Bahamas.