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Plonger à Playa del Carmen : l'endroit rêvé de la Riviera Maya

Deep in the heart of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, you can hear the heartbeats of novice explorers living their Mayan dream.  Retracing the steps of a society lost to the modern civilization. Listening to the drums telling the story of the past. And, finding the adventure that they have been waiting for all of their lives.

While the Riviera Maya is well reputed for its roots in the Mayan empire, in the dive world, it lives in the shadow of its neighbor Cozumel. Cozumel is, arguably, the Mecca of Scuba diving.  It calls like a Siren, worldwide, to divers for its famed drift diving, beautiful reefs and larger than life marine ecosystems. For many, Cozumel is a perennial visit.  Divers flock to the dozens of dive resorts and hotels and to the hundreds of dive operators that scurry divers to the busy reefs every morning. Seeing so many faithful divers, in one spot, is a truly extraordinary sight. At night, as the diver intensity drifts off to casual Caribbean ambience, resting divers can see the lights of Playa del Carmen across the channel. The lights of Fifth Avenue shine bright; calling to the vacationers only 14 miles away.  This calling does not ring silent.  The opportunities, for divers, are rich with excitement. Divers are learning this is not a shadow that veils over the Riviera Maya … It’s a well maintained secret.