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Plonger au Sudan Populaire

Région de plongée : Soudan - Voir la carte Plonger au Sudan

Meilleure saison pour plonger : Janvier  •  Février  •  Mars  •  Avril  •  Aout  •  Septembre  •  Octobre  •  Novembre  •  Décembre
Nombre de jours recommendés sur place : Plus d'une semaine
Nombre de sites de plongée : Plus de 20 Sites
Température de l'eau et combinaison adéquate : 21-25C : Combinaison fine
Visibilité en moyenne : 16 - 20 mètres
Profondeur moyenne des plongées : 20 Mètres
Type de courant : Courants forts - plongée dérivante
Mois de présence des courants : N/A
Conditions générales de surface : Conditions moyennes
Types d'épave : Ancien bateau en bois  •  Navires récents  •  Epaves artificielles  •  Navires de guerre
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Type de vie marine : Anémone  •  Barracuda  •  Coraux  •  Carangues  •  Murènes  •  Pieuvres/poulpes  •  Plantes  •  Raies  •  Poissons de récif  •  Requins gris  •  Requins marteau  •  Requins de récif  •  Crevettes  •  Corail mou  •  Etoiles de mer  •  Thons
Présence de grottes ou cavernes sous-marines : Oui - Semi-fermée


Sudan,  Africa's largest country, has a rich reef's life as well as submarine history: The Commandant Cousteau has chosen it to settle his "houses under the sea".

Diving in Sudan is different from diving in Egypt. The sharks of Sudan are famous! Schools of hammerheads and grey reef sharks are patrolling these waters. Soft corals of colors beyond comprehension form perfectly preserved reefs with an abundance of life. If you are into legendairy diving you can explore Cousteau's underwater village: Precontinent II at Sha'b Rumi. These reefs are among the best reefs in the world. Only 1200 divers a year will visit the spectacular reefs of Sudan.


We strongly recommend to take a seven days cruise: from Sunday to Saturday, mainly performed on the north of Sudan, with diving around the most amazing reefs of this sea area. The first stop of the journey is Wind-gate reef, where the famous sunk Italian ship Umbria is resting with her history and all her fully untouched cargo. Going on to the north, the high and imposing Sanganeb lighthouse stands out over this enchanted seaside. The big gray sharks and a close army of barracudas and jack fishes, have elected as their dwell a 35 meters plateau, on the south cape of Sanganeb. Here the wall sinks into the blue and there we’ll see the curious hammer sharks but, care less about the divers, may be they will climb slowly with a lithe dance up to the top and again disappear in the dip blue.

The next stop is Sha'ab Rumi, a rich of surprises reef, we’ll dive on the plateau close to the pass where Cousteau in 1964 built his laboratory. On seeing the abandoned dwells fully covered of colored corals, it will be a marvelous spectacle. Very close to the south cape of Sha'ab Rumi, from a facing to dip blue platform you can approach shoals of gray and hammer sharks; the dwelling barracudas here sometimes are so compact to darken the sunlight. Not so far toward the north, there is Sha'ab Saudi reef. Upturned on the reef and covered of gorgeous madrepores, the Blue Belle wreck is resting, inside we can admire enormous tropical groupers.



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