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Turks & Caicos est une destination paradisiaque pour l'aventure en plongée

Grand Turk is the capital of the Turks and Caicos islands and has been in the government in 1776. It is place in the top eight of the world's famous scuba diving sites.
It has the populations of around 3,720 people. A lot of foreigners and locals said that Grand Turk has a lot to offer when it comes to diving or underwater tourist spot including the island of Caicos and Turks.
One of the oldest scuba diving operator in Grand Turk is the Sea Eye Diving. To those who are familiar with Caribbean, foreigner go on to Grand Turk because of its coral reefs and stunning effect underwater experiencing the anonymous kinds of fish and playing with endangered specie including the whale and the shark.
Feeding the shark is one of the best highlight scuba divers cherish when they living the water back to their normal everyday life. Scrolling around underwater relaxes your mind and it would clears vision pressures around your mind. Everyone commented on this place that this is not an island for the workaholic and non-adventurous person and it not suitable for person who hates beaches and wide water levels.
 The way of life in Grand Turk is simple and the people are helpful and friendly. The Clear turquoise water, the virgin healthy corals that free to human touch, and the abundant kinds of species that swam around you makes your scuba diving experience in Grand Turk special. It ranks third place who haves the healthiest marine environment and ranks first place as the best dive operator value worldwide in 2002.
Things to do underwater in Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands:
 ·Playing with the endangered species and having fun classifying them which type of species they are.
·Exploring the diving spot with its crystal pearl water.
·Learning the history of the things that are found underwater.
·Or relaxing your mind just swimming around and making photographs with different creatures underwater.
 Diving underwater in Turks and Caicos island is said to be a different type of experienced and it is ideal for beginners who are learning the basic of scuba diving or for the advanced divers who are exploring new things around the diving area. There are a lot of divers who are exploring wrecks around this places and still coping new things underwater to research and put it in the history of Grand Turk.
 Grand Turk is a hideaway place for those who wants to run with city hassles and wishes to forget problems, break ups, and many frustrating modern city world brought. This is a perfect place for the travelers who loves Caribbean nature and be in a solemn romantic paradise.
 This place is also ideal for the adventurous humans who wants to explore the beauty underwater and for those who wants to learn the basic of scuba diving in a place that is not crowded then Grand Turk is perfect for your desire. Scuba Diving is not easy for those who hates to try, who hates deep water levels, and for those moody type. Experience the scuba diving world in Grand Turk and it would surely mark another memories in your life and another great learning encounter with sea creatures.