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Pearl Diving Center- Turkey Hot

Location : Turkey - See the map Pearl Diving Center- Turkey

Address : Zerdalilik mah.1408 sok.No:13 07100 Antalya
Phone : +90 543 6921564 / +90 543 6600917
Website : http://www.pearldiving.de
Email : pearldiving@hotmail.com
Languages spoken : English  •  French  •  German  •  Turkish
Diving agencies : CMAS  •  PADI
Courses offered : Dive intro / try dives  •  Open water / beginners course  •  Advanced course  •  Wreck specialty
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Safety equipment available : O2 medical kit
Dive centers services : Own boat  •  Own air compressor  •  Underwater photography or video  •  Equipment gear rentals
Type of tank provided : Steel Tank 9-10 Lts  •  Steel Tank 12-13 Lts  •  Steel Tank 15 Lts
Typical tank fill : 200 bar
Price for 1 dive including equipment and staff/guide : 30 to 39 USD
Price for 1 dive excluding equipment but with staff/guide : 30 to 39 USD
Note: Prices are given for 1 dive to get a price level comparison. However, many dive centers propose ONLY package for 2 or more dives. So we have divided the total price by the number of dives to obtain the price level for 1 dive.
Time to go to the nearest hospital : Less than 5 minutes
Name of the nearest airport city : Antalya, AYT
Average time to reach this airport : 15 to 30 minutes
Level required : Beginner accepted

Description for the dive shop Pearl Diving Center- Turkey

Discover the beauties of the underwater world with us.

1.From the age of 8 years old every healthy human being can dive.

2.Diving place ( in Antalya N 36 52 484 - E 30 42 501 ) there are so many rocks, thats why you can see so many fishes and other underwater live things.

3.The bus for your transfer is everyday about at 08.00 from hotel and turn back about at 13.30.

4.The people who have never tried to dive,we can make a test dive with dive instructor in the pool.

5.For the beginners:

      a) Children    8-12  years  max. 2-3 mt.  about 30 min.

                         12-16  years max.  5-6 mt.  about 30 min.

      b) Adults     max.  8 mt. about 30 min.

6.Training programm; 1 time pool+ 5 times sea dive,theoric private lesson, to know air controls, safety rules, diving charts and ailments. These trainings are 3 times half days. After trainings you will have International Diving Licence.

7.For the licenced divers:

   a) Reef diving:We start from diving place in about 2 mt. and we can dive till 26 mt.Dive time till 50 bar reserve.

   b) Wreck diving: The Sunken French Ship. From diving center about 15 min. with the boat in French warship. The wreck is about 100 mt. long and lies on a depth of about 18 mt. till 32 mt. That was brought down by the English in 1942. Ammunution, weapons, jeeps, guns and bombs are still to be seen on board. The name of the ships is ''Societe De Nevigoziane or St. Didier''. Dive time is about 35 min (no deco).

   c)Night diving:Max.12 mt. about 35 min. with dive guide.

8.Transfer, all equipments, dive guides and drinks(coffee,tea,fruit juices-non gas,non alcohol) are included in the price. 

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