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Scuba Diving in the Canary Islands Hot

Dive area / region : Canary Islands - See the map Scuba Diving in the Canary Islands

Best diving season : June  •  July  •  August  •  September  •  October
Recommended number of days to stay : More than 1 week...
Number of dive sites : More than 20 Dive Sites
Water temperature and wetsuit advice : 21-25C : Thin Wetsuit
Average visibility : 21 - 25 meters
Average dives depth : 15 Meters
Type of currents : Medium level currents
Months when these currents are present : All year around.
General surface conditions : Medium conditions
Wreck types : Old wooden ship  •  Recent world ships  •  Artificial wrecks  •  Airplane  •  War ships
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Type of marine life : Anemone  •  Barracuda  •  Corals  •  Cuttlefish  •  Grouper  •  Jacks  •  Lobster  •  Moray Eels  •  Nudibranch  •  Octopus  •  Plants  •  Rays  •  Reef Fish  •  Sea urchins  •  Shark - Grey nurse  •  Shrimps  •  Softcoral  •  Sponge  •  Star fish  •  Turtles
Presence of caves / caverns : Yes - Semiclosed


With an average water temperature of 23 degrees, diving becomes enjoyable all year round. We recommended 5mm suit for your comfort.

Canary Islands, a province of Spain, consists out of seven main islands, all with their own characteristics and highlights. Situated off the coast of Morroco, with the nearest island Fuerteventura, the Canaries are volcanic in nature and thus play host to an array of breathtaking scenes above and below water. Playa de Taurito in the south near Puerto Morgan is the diving capital of Gran Canaria. From east to west the islands include Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro. The two islands closest to Africa are Lanzarote and Fuerteventura and both have a very different climate than the other islands.

From great wrecks to excellent reef and wall dives, whether it is snorkeling, shore diving or diving from boats in the beautiful Canarian turquoise sea or diving down into the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, everyone will find something that suits its needs. With an assortment of marine life which is a combination of Atlantic, Mediterranean and tropical - Gran Canaria has it all.

The wide range of marine life and variety of types of dives available means that the Canary Islands is a must for diving holiday. There is also much to do above the water, making them an ideal family destination or great for those who only wish to do a few dives.

Thanks to the lava which flew long time ago you will enjoy arches, caves, caverns, tunnels and chimneys. Because of the nutriments coming from the lava flows the marine life is rich and you can often see huge pelagic species and game fish but also coral fish and the common reef fish. The Sea of Calmes is with it slightly warmer waters than elsewhere and calm conditions one of the top destinations for diving, but each island has its favorite dive sites, which are worth diving to.

As most of the islands are much higher than sea level, it is very important to pay attention to the potential of DCI especially if you intent to explore some of the volcano peaks soon after diving.


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