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Scuba Diving in the Gulf of Aqaba Hot

Dive area / region : Aqaba - Gulf of - See the map Scuba Diving in the Gulf of Aqaba

Best diving season : March  •  April  •  May  •  June  •  July  •  August  •  September  •  October
Recommended number of days to stay : More than 1 week...
Number of dive sites : More than 20 Dive Sites
Water temperature and wetsuit advice : 21-25C : Thin Wetsuit
Average visibility : 26 - 30 meters
Average dives depth : 20 Meters
Type of currents : Medium level currents
Months when these currents are present : N/A
General surface conditions : Generally flat surface
Wreck types : Old wooden ship  •  Recent world ships  •  Artificial wrecks  •  War ships
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Type of marine life : Anemone  •  Barracuda  •  Corals  •  Dolphins  •  Jacks  •  Lobster  •  Moray Eels  •  Nudibranch  •  Octopus  •  Plants  •  Rays  •  Reef Fish  •  Sea urchins  •  Seahorses  •  Shark - Grey nurse  •  Shark - Reef shark  •  Shark - Whale shark  •  Shrimps  •  Softcoral  •  Sponge  •  Squid  •  Star fish  •  Tuna  •  Turtles
Presence of caves / caverns : No


Suit: 3mm or 5mm wetsuit

Type of diving: Reefs, wrecks, walls


The Gulf of Aqaba is famous world wide not only among divers but among scientists as well due to the variety of rare sea life it contains. This place is one of the main Red Sea diving destinations in which visitors might not only enjoy diving but meeting sea species of all kinds as well.

Turtles and Dolphins are common in the Gulf of Aqaba and divers often have close encounters with them as well as with other species. This diving area contains a great variety of rare invertebrates and colorful fish which divers can view from very close while enjoying this area's great waters.

The water temperature in the Gulf of Aqaba usually ranges between 23ºC or 73ºF in winter and 26ºC or 78.8ºF in summer. This way, this area's water temperature is always warm and along with its clearness it offers a great environment for divers to practice their activities and enjoy sea life. One of this area's main attractions is its corals.

The Gulf of Aqaba contains an amazing variety of corals from all kinds, some of them very rare and unique. Divers who visit this area could meet about 110 soft corals and 120 hard corals species while diving in its amazing reefs. These corals, along with the colorful fish and beautiful sea plants provide a beautiful sea environment to contemplate. The Red Sea Marine Peace Park is one of the most amazing Gulf of Aqaba’s attractions. This place is known to be one of the most beautiful diving areas of the world due to the amazing combination of sea life, corals, water transparency and nice weather it offers year around. Whether visitors go in summer or winter, water temperatures are always nice and transparency allows them to observe its marine life with the highest clarity.

You would be able to enjoy diving in the Gulf of Aqaba whether you are an experienced diver or a novice since there are dive operators and qualified instructors available for every level. You would also easily find diving equipment rentals and everything you might need for diving.



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