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So You Want To Learn Scuba Diving

Let me start off by saying that you can only learn scuba from a qualified instructor, that is right an instructor. You can't read an article, have a friend show you, or watch divers and know enough to strap on a tank and go diving. Why Not? If not properly trained scuba diving can be a very dangerous sport.

When properly trained it can be one of the very best adventures you ever experience. Once you start your search you will hear a lot of opinions on which agency is best to get certified with. You will hear names like NAUI ( National Association of Underwater Instructors ), PADI ( Professional Association of Diving Instructors ), and SSI ( Scuba Schools International ) just to name a few. I have named these three because I hold a certificate from each of them for different levels of scuba diving ( yes there is more then just one level of scuba training but more about that later ). I am confident about each of these agencies for training and urge you not to pick training based only because someone says one name of a certifying agency is better then another.

When picking out where to get trained you should talk to the instructor ( not just a sales clerk but the instructor ). You need to get a feel of compatibility with the instructor, talk with him/her and ask them questions. If the instructor isn't able explain your questions to where you can understand the answers or will not take a little time with you, then you might not be compatible with that instructor and will need to check out other instructors in your area. Your safety depends on the training you get, so do not be afraid to ask questions before, during and even after your training. The question not asked could be the one your life depends on.

What Is Scuba?

Scuba stands for (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus). Breathing air is contained inside a high pressure tank and is supplied to you through a regulator that reduces the high pressure of the air in the tank to the surrounding underwater pressure.

What Is A Scuba Certification?

A scuba certification signifies your knowledge and understanding of scuba diving. Without this certification or ( C-Card ) as you will hear it referred to, you can not get your air filled or go on diving trips. To receive your entry level ( Open Water ) certification you will need to learn the basic fundamentals of diving and the effects that diving has on your body. You will also have to learn the different items that you will need for scuba diving and how to properly use them.

You will learn things like how to clear your mask underwater, how to achieve and maintain proper buoyancy, the proper way to breath underwater, and how to properly use your dive tables. All of which are needed for safe and pleasurable diving.

With this basic knowledge, that you will only properly learn in a professional teaching environment, you will be able to have many years of enjoyable diving adventures.

Like many, once you see just how great diving is you will want to continue your education to open up more exciting dives As mentioned earlier there is more then just one level of certification of scuba diving . The first certification will be your Open Water certification after that you choose the direction you would like your diving to take you. The other certifications are not mandatory but are specialty courses that will enhance your safety and your diving experiences such as Advanced Open Water, Underwater Photography, Nitrox, Dive Master, and Instructor just to name a few.

The purpose of this article is not to teach you how to Scuba Dive but to help you to understand what scuba diving is and why proper training is needed.