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Things To Know When Scuba Diving

altIf you go diving in the ocean you can see all the wonderful stuff that is in the water. You can see all types of different fish and their beautiful and amazing colors. A lot of them are shaped different, too, and are also cool to see. It is so beautiful down there because of all the colors, the mammals, and other living things that are living in the ocean. You can discover new things and places like caves, old ships that have been down there for years, different species of mammals, and riches beyond your wildest dreams. It is also fun and exciting at the same time because you don't know what you will see or what will come up.

Lots of people do this because they love the water, and it makes them happy. Thousands of people would love to have this as a job. A love for diving and getting paid for it would be great to do. You see it all the time on the TV of how beautiful and colorful it is. Now just imagine how it would be to see in real life and how it would feel for you to see something like that. You can see how fast they swim when you come near them, and you might even get to touch one when they go by you. You can stay by the shore or you can go to into deeper water. It depends on whether you want to do that or not and also if you are not scared of the bigger mammals that are in the water.

When you dive you have to put on mask, a drysuit to help you stay dry or a wetsuit to keep your body warm, fins (some tips how to help you in choosing the right fins) to help you swim faster, a B.C.D (Buoyancy Control Device) to help you in keeping the proper buoyancy, a regulator providing breathable air at constant pressure and an air tank. You have to make sure it is full before you go in the water. You also need a professional diver with you, too, so no one gets hurt. The professional diver will help to keep you safe because they know what to do, and you have to learn from them. If you dont then you do not need to be in the water diving. You can only go down while diving and you will feel the  pressure of the water on your body but it wont harm you because your body is made of water (which is not compressible). However you might have some discomfort in your ears but you will learn how to do the right thing to avoid it.
If your are a beginner dont go diving at night because it is less safe than during a day dive, and it is hard to see down there at night time so do not do it without a proper training because you can get hurt.