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Two rules you should comply with

Although we are a free service but with real professional people behind this website, we need to be sure you don't use us like any other website. For this we have established two main rules that Dive Shop will have to follow:

1/ We ask you to tell your customers or students to go online and put a review on your center. That’s it!  To do it, go on your record then scroll down and you see “add new review”, then proceed. We consider that 5 reviews per year is reasonable whatever your size.

2/ You will be asked to add a link on your website with one of the logos related to your rating once your registration is completed and reviewed, or alternatively make a simple link to WorldDivingReview.com. This should be done within a week prior to the publication of your dive shop.
This link is very important for our users and your future customers because it helps to see whether your website is always accessible or with some problem. In such case we will send you an email to inform you.

Not complying with these two rules will result in a definitive expel from our database and social links.

Please read the obvious benefits you get by being in WorldDivingReview.com.

WorlddivingReview Team.