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harlequin shrimp
Description: This is a picture from Darta the Divemaster of Baruna dive center. This is an harlequin shrimp !!

Hymenocera picta, commonly known as the harlequin shrimp, is a species of saltwater shrimp found at coral reefs in the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans. It is usually considered the only species in the genus Hymenocera,[1][2] but some split it into two species: H. picta from the central and east Pacific where the spots are deep pinkish-purple with a yellow edge, and H. elegans from the Indian Ocean and west Pacific where the spots are more brownish and have a blue edge.[3] They reach about 5 centimetres (2.0 in) in length, live in pairs and feed exclusively on starfish,[3] including crown-of-thorns starfish. It does seem to prefer smaller, more sedentary starfish, but as these generally are not sufficiently numerous for its needs, it commonly will attack Acanthaster, both reducing its consumption of coral while under attack, and killing it within a few days.

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Date: 13.09.2012 05:08
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This shot is really what many photographers would love to take. Colors are truly amazing. Dont hesitate to write an article and give us your advices on your photo technics.

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By Andrey Datso