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Généralité sur l'équipement et la sécurité pour la plongée

This gear will allow you to breath under water, so it's not an option so much as a necessity. The key component is a supply of compressed air that you wear on your back, with regulated pressure.

With numerous spots around the world perfect for scuba diving, the hobby is one of the most rewarding. Bermuda is exceptionally popular, due to wreckage and coral reefs that you can explore up close. With diving gear, you can remain under water for long periods of time, giving you sufficient time to enjoy all the beauty.

You will want to invest in quality gear, that's new or gently used. Although this is an expensive choice, you will likely save money by avoiding the need to repurchase components that you wear out. The scuba takes are the most important piece, and are generally available to rent at diving resorts. You will also need a regulator that fits in your mouth and controls your air intake. Using a mask or goggles will help you clearly see all the underwater world has to offer.

Fins fit on your feet, and make your kicks more efficient. If you start buying your own gear, it gets even more expensive, but you have the freedom to dive wherever you please. You can dive closer to home, where you're familiar with the rules and comfortable with the location.

When you're diving on your own though, always consider safety and plan for emergencies. It will be necessary to have your own BC, a properly fitting wetsuit, computer readouts, and similar aspects that you don't have to worry about on charted dives. You'll also have to maintain your gear, keeping in mind that your stainless steel knives will rust without care.

You need to make sure that you're serious about scuba diving before you make such a large investment. Try it a few times with a charted dive, where the equipment is provided for you. Then if you feel ready make the plunge.

The final aspect that you will have to consider is the training and certification. You have to be comfortable with all of your gear in order to have a safe and fun time. Also, schedule time in your life to use your equipment, regardless of how busy you may seem. Your gear doesn't do much good sitting in a hobby room collecting dust. Take the time to enjoy yourself, exploring the mysteries of the underwater world