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Jouer contre l'hiver en plongeant aux Bahamas

If the freezing weather and blah of winter have you wanting a little fun in the sun, consider a quick trip to the Bahama Islands for the perfect combination of sun and relaxation to give you the fortitude to make it through the rest of winter. Although kicking off your snow boots for a relaxing barefoot walk on the beach may sound perfect, there are many more things to do in this string of islands. While beating the winter blahs, consider one of the biggest draws the commonwealth has to offer -- Bahama scuba.
Why Bamaha Scuba?
Bahama scuba offers a tropical underwater adventure for every diver, regardless of experience. It doesn't matter whether you're interested in shallow coral diving or deep diving for caves and shipwrecks, you'll find an exciting and challenging adventure. The Nassau area offers you the opportunity to swim with sharks and Grand Bahama scuba companies can have you in the water with dolphins. The opportunities are as diverse and thrilling as you can stand and there's always an experience that will fit your budget.
Speaking of budget, Bahama scuba day trips are more affordable than other common diving destinations. Hotels in the commonwealth offer package deals year round at rates that will suit most budgets and dive companies have great rates on day trips and scuba gear rental. Only fifty miles from the Florida coast, the Bahamas offers tropical travel that isn't too far away from home.
Tropical Temps Year Round
Just like in the US, the Trade winds blow in four seasons in the Bahamas islands, but while you'll be in a parka and snow boots in the Northern US, you'll only need a 3-5mm wet suit during winter in the commonwealth. The water temperatures vary between 72 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. Diving day trips happen year round every day. You can go for a half day dive or a full day dive or even plan a multi day dive. Bahama scuba companies have 100,000 square miles of ocean to offer with over 200 feet of incredible visibility.
What To Expect On A Bahama Scuba Trip
Regardless of whether you plan to head to one of the large cities like Grand Bahama, Nassau, or Freeport to scuba or you're diving with a company in a smaller area, Bahama scuba companies can provide you with a dazzling adventure that beats the winter blahs. Experienced divers may want to try one of the companies that offer night dives.
If you want to bring a little tropical adventure into your winter, consider Bahama scuba diving for a thrilling, relaxing, and beautiful adventure that gives you a memorable look into the world living under the sea. After learning the basics of diving in a resort course, you could be diving within hours in a safe environment that provides an experience to remember.