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Plonger à Key West pour explorer les profondeurs de la mer

If you've ever wanted to see what it would be like to go scuba diving, Key West is the place to go. There are numerous tours and schools available to teach you the basics and gorgeous locations for exploring the underwater world. Instead of just dreaming about an adventure, make it happen by going scuba diving in Key West so you can explore everything in the depths of the sea.

Taking A Scuba Diving In Key West Tour

It doesn't matter whether you are a diver with experience or whether you have never been scuba diving, Key West has many different tours that will give you the underwater access to the sea you desire. Going on a morning tour will send you out in several different areas of the coral reef that are hidden a short way from the shore. Afternoon tours usually involve seeing sunken shipwrecks in the area and seeing the only living coral reef in the US.

If you want to take a tour, but don't have the interest in getting fully certified, a resort course may be right for you. These types of courses provide you with a few hours of basic training on diving before you go out on your tour into the ocean. After completing the course, the tour typically sends you to two different locations to explore the treasures of life under the sea, including sunken shipwrecks. Some of these sunken ships were deliberately placed and some sank on their own. You'll enjoy access to exotic fish and unique aquatic life, getting a close look at how these creatures live, work, and thrive together in the ocean.

Training And Instruction

If you're sold on scuba diving in Key West and you think it might be something you want to do fairly often, you might want to undergo a full certification course. By getting training, instruction, and certification in open water diving, you'll be able to dive down to 60 feet in just a matter of a few days. If you're interested in this course for open scuba diving, Key West has plenty of companies with instructors that can provide you with the training and instruction you need for full certification. Typically, certification includes one day of classroom education, a couple of days of pool training, and then actual deep ocean dives.

If you really want to get into diving, you can also pursue advanced certification for diving to depths up to 120 feet. Advanced certification builds on the open water course, giving you the additional information and training necessary for diving to extreme depths safely. During this course, you will participate in nighttime dives and you will usually explore shipwrecks deeper down on the ocean's floor. You may also choose a certain area of expertise with advanced certification like boat diving, performance buoyancy, or underwater naturalist.

For a fun and exciting way to explore the areas of the ocean that are never seen by most people, consider scuba diving in Key West. No matter whether you're a beginner or expertly trained in scuba diving, Key West can offer you the only living US coral reef along with many other unique and thrilling adventures.