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Plonger à Koh Kood - Thailande Populaire

Région de plongée : Thailand - Voir la carte Plonger à Koh Kood - Thailande

Meilleure saison pour plonger : Janvier  •  Février  •  Mars  •  Avril  •  Mai  •  Juin  •  Octobre  •  Novembre  •  Décembre
Nombre de jours recommendés sur place : 5 à 7 jours
Nombre de sites de plongée : 11 à 15 Sites
Température de l'eau et combinaison adéquate : 26C-… : Combinaison courte ou fine
Visibilité en moyenne : 11 - 15 mètres
Profondeur moyenne des plongées : 15 Mètres
Type de courant : Courants nuls ou non significatifs
Mois de présence des courants : none
Conditions générales de surface : Généralement surface calme
Types d'épave : N/A
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Expérience vécue
Vaut le détour
Type de vie marine : Anémone  •  Coraux  •  Seiche  •  Méduse  •  Murènes  •  Nudibranches (invertébrés)  •  Plantes  •  Raies  •  Poissons de récif  •  Oursins  •  Hippocampes  •  Crevettes  •  Corail mou  •  Eponges  •  Calmar  •  Etoiles de mer  •  Tortues  •  Vers
Présence de grottes ou cavernes sous-marines : Oui - Ouverte


Located in the Easternmost part of the Thai waters Koh Kood (Ko Kut) is the last Island you will find close to the Cambodian border. You can find next to it other islands such as to Koh Chang and Koh Mak and with its 29 km width this is actually the fourth largest Island in Thailand.
This is still a pristine area because it was not accessible for a long time due to political instability with its neighbor. Now it is fully open, accessible by boat, and growing in popularity. You have local inhabitants from Aow Yai Village which is the biggest community on Koh Kood.
This island has many advantages:

- First, you will find real untouched area under the water and on the land. It is typical place where anyone doing scuba diving will experience the thrill of being an adventurer discovering a new place. You can count on one hand the number of dive shops here and they discover new dive sites every year. So you can be part of this adventure.
- Second, Koh Kood is a great place for diving when you don't want to dive with many other divers. Koh kood is a very quiet island with not too many people. It is not rare to dive 2 days in a row without seeing any other divers.
- Third, after the dive you must go for a walk to admire water falls, white sand beaches, 500 year old tree. Actually Koh Kood is mostly covered with thick ancient jungle, coconut trees and rubber tree plantations.
Regarding the dives, the typical topography of the sea bed makes all your dives within a depth from 8m up to 18 meters which naturally reduces narcotic effect and give ample time for your dive.
Thanks to the shallow waters, it is ideal for beginners or freshly certified divers. Good as well for a refresher in ideal conditions all year long, without forgetting the photo lovers because here you have explosion of colors (due to the shallow water) and you meet all typical fauna from the Andaman sea such as black tip sharks, turtles, huge potato grouper, schools of barracuda, sea horses and many more.


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