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Plonger aux iles Fiji : Riche d'expérience mais raisonable en prix

For a long time now you have wanted to discover the beauty and the mystery of the deep. Maybe that is the main reason why you signed up into scuba diving, joined a club and earned money relentlessly just so you can have enough to spend for diving trips. And if you are into underwater photography, maybe you want to capture such magnificent views, like the ones that you have seen in photographs from books and nature shows shown on television.

Well, to help you get what you are looking for, it is best to start by choosing first a scuba diving destination—a place that’s guaranteed to give you front row seats to nature’s grand display of marine art. One of the top destinations travel agencies and other divers can recommend—wherever they are in the world—is the Fiji Islands.

Found somewhere between the Australian continent and the Tahiti Islands, the Fiji Islands is considered to be a haven for sightseeing and nature loving fanatics. The islands are scattered throughout the South Pacific Ocean, and is also known to be a place of friendship, due to the warm hospitality offered by its locals.
Though Fiji islands is made up of 322 islands, roughly a hundred of them are inhabited. The islands developed out of the vast coral reefs that inhabit this part of the world. Because of that, scuba diving enthusiasts refers to the islands as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”.

It is a known fact that fishes and other marine animals flock to the coral reefs for shelter and food. And since the islands is literally an island made out of coral reefs, scuba divers and snorkelers alike can expect a wide variety of marine life—each with its own set of colors and other wonderful eye candies.

The turquoise-colored waters are also known for its clear vision it provides. The islands being situated near the equator helps bring about the possibility of seein
g what is found beneath the waters even from just the surface. And if you are the type that loves warmth and sunshine, then the Fiji Islands will have to top your list of vacation destinations.

If you love photography, then the high visibility which allows you to see what is found beneath for many meters can be captured by your own camera even without diving underwater, thus you don’t have to secure your own underwater camera. But the best way to capture such wonderful sights indeed is to suit up for scuba diving, bring along your underwater camera and shoot away. Going under the surface helps you to be near the various species that lurks within the reefs, like the colorful clown and butterfly fish, sharks, and sea anemones. Being near them not only gives you the best shots, but also allows you to study them in their natural habitat up close.

Even though the sights you get to see in this place “sounds” expensive, the Fiji Islands is also known for its reasonable prices. In fact, many agree that Fiji is the best place to learn scuba diving because most of the dive shops there offer certification courses at relatively cheaper prices. Now that’s great deal for a scuba diving destination!