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Vanuatu : l'endroit rêvé pour faire de la plongée

Vanuatu is located in the east of Northern Australia and south of the Solomon Islands. It is one of the top ten scuba diving site plus it have 83 tropical islands. If you are seeking for adventurous holiday vacation or you want to treat your love ones a memorable underwater experience for your honeymoon or for your anniversaries then try scuba diving in Vanuatu. It is a few hours flight from Australia. Vanuatu has a tropical climate that range 23°C to 28°C in temperature.
 People who visited this place loves for being an island paradise. The landscape underwater is mountainous and it is rich in coral reefs and there is an extra ordinary view underwater which you can't explain and you can't see with any other diving site. It also have huge caves and underwater tunnels. Scuba diving experience in Vanuatu is different and highly appreciated by foreign divers who is not fully satisfied with just the waters and the fish they see but for the wreck sites and other objects underwater that can't categorize as normal. Vanuatu is a good place to be. The most popular SS President Coolidge wreck are found in Vanuatu and the machinery and the equipment of the second world war are also one of the wreck sites underwater in Vanuatu.
Here's the catch up underwater that trippers really enjoy diving:
·Explore the underwater sites of the famous SS President Coolidge.
·Enjoy the adventurous and fantastic drop off sites underwater.
·Feed the sharks and play with them.
·Go on to huge caves and explore the interconnecting tunnels underwater.
·Watch and explore the million dollar point and USS second world war machinery and equipments.
Traveling to lands is normal to everyone but to try a little bit more adventure and experience how to live along with underwater creatures in just a minute will be your greatest achievement. Everyone could not done what scuba divers done underwater. They can even help people in some ways and in many ways. No serious genius knows what actually the views underwater that you cannot leave without. Interacting to endangered species and exploring new things underwater makes the divers satisfied with their hobby. There are a lot of stranger who dives for fun and some for a living as well. You can make scuba diving a career too because it can saves life of millions of accidents in the oceans. Divers are known to be heroes.
Vanuatu is said to be the happiest country because of the people and their culture as well. A lot of foreigners wants to go back to Vanuatu after they explore the places and their diving experience underwater plus the people are so friendly and they welcome the stranger as their friends. Come and joined other divers who enjoy scuba diving in Vanuatu. The diving spot underwater makes the visitors pleased to go back and visit again their charms. So, what are you waiting for? scheduled your trip now in Vanuatu and experience paradise like you never been before.