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World Diving Review was created by a school of diving enthusiasts from the US, France and Hong Kong, all eager to widen the horizons of an activity that has been too confidential and confined to specialists until now. We hope to inspire others to scuba dive with us and discover new sensations and new worlds.


Our website hopes to provide you with the answers to all of your questions about scuba diving: Where can I go diving without being cheated, find dive shop specialist for wreck dives or find cheap scuba dives? How can I be sure this scuba location will fit my needs? Is this information reliable? Which scuba review should I trust?


We are dedicated to providing curious scuba divers, both beginner and experienced, with every details they need.



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Our database, including scuba articles, photography, forum, and user comments, are all under constant scrutiny from our moderators. Any unfair comments, non-related remarks, self-promotion or unofficial publicity etc will be immediately removed without warning.  

On regular basis, we will release a new comprehensive article with different topic – such as diving safety, scuba equipment, marine life, scuba locations or books. The latest scuba research will be also published right away. But most importantly you will find quickly the best dive shop and dive site which fit your experience and budget.
We will also publish your photography in our gallery, linking to our favourites directly from the home page. Suggestions of new categories are welcome.




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