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DIVE Northampton
User rating
Reviewed by Mark
"After mixing up my dates, I missed the scheduled classroom session. I was not penalised for this ..."
Big Blue Diving - Thailand
User rating
Reviewed by Ryan Ray
"After leaving my last job in France I was looking into doing some dive qualifications for a few m..."
DSM Lombok - Gili Trawangan - Lombok
User rating
Reviewed by MArc v
"Mes deux garçons de 14 et 17 ans ont voulu essayer la plongée lors de notre séjour à Lombok penda..."
Big Blue Diving - Thailand
User rating
Reviewed by Molly
"I found out about Big Blue by word of mouth and reviews on he the internet. I decided to come her..."
Alpha Divers - Cyprus
User rating
Reviewed by Michael Kohl
"With only a couple of dives on my shoulders I felt very well attended by alpha divers staff. Orig..."
Manta Diving Lanzarote
User rating
Reviewed by Anne Paul de Haan
"We had a perfect week diving with Manta Diving Lanzarote. Owners Ben and Rachel are very welcomin..."
Alpha Divers - Cyprus
User rating
Reviewed by Jeremy Jacobs
"I joined Nic and Chris to complete my Advanced Open Water Divers Certification. I wanted to dive ..."

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 alt All you want to know about decompression illness


If you are a beginner then you will have problem to answer the following questions. However, this encourages you to continue your education and get this important knowledge by reading the attached articles related to the answers. Even though you are an experienced diver, it is often good to have a review and to see where you are to fine tune or learn again about decompression illness in scuba diving. Because diving safely is all about this topic (of course, air management and mix is the primary concern but we will send another questionnaire on that) we encourage all of you to master this topic.


 alt Psychology for child in teaching scuba diving-Part 3/3

Water is the expression of the unconscious, its own truth, place of the secret and unknown motivations…

Water, original element, before the language, allows descending and reaching the things of the lower level, place of the founding images.


  Psychology for child in teaching scuba diving-Part 2/3

Being in water, it is to be a body aware of itself, it means aware of:

- its envelope which defines an inside and an outside,

- gravity which is not obvious any more here and must be tested in the inner side of the body (lung ballast),

- a balance to be maintained around a centre of gravity that almost disappeared...