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Newport Diving Center- USA Hot

Location : USA - Rhode Island - See the map Newport Diving Center- USA

Address : 550 Thames Street, Newport, Rhode Island 02840, USA
Phone : 401-847-9293
Website : http://www.newportdivingcenter.com/
Email : tom@newportdivingcenter.com
Languages spoken : English
Diving agencies : PADI  •  TDI
Courses offered : Dive intro / try dives  •  Open water / beginners course  •  Advanced course  •  Rescue course  •  Divemaster / dive leader  •  Nitrox course  •  Wreck specialty  •  Other
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Other courses available : Specialities, IBC, Dive Masters
Safety equipment available : O2 medical kit  •  Medical kits in boat  •  Medical trained staff
Dive centers services : Own air compressor  •  Pool for training  •  Combo Lodging with Dives  •  Underwater photography or video  •  Equipment gear rentals
Technical diving capacity : Nitrox compressor
Type of tank provided : Aluminium 9-10 Lts  •  Aluminium 12-13 Lts  •  Steel Tank 12-13 Lts
Typical tank fill : 210 Bar
Price for 1 dive excluding equipment without staff/guide : 30 to 39 USD
Price for 1 dive including equipment and staff/guide : 100 to 129 USD
Price for 1 dive excluding equipment but with staff/guide : 60 to 79 USD
Note: Prices are given for 1 dive to get a price level comparison. However, many dive centers propose ONLY package for 2 or more dives. So we have divided the total price by the number of dives to obtain the price level for 1 dive.
Time to go to the nearest hospital : Less than 10 minutes
Name of the nearest airport city : Boston(Intl) MA, BOS
Average time to reach this airport : 60 to 90 minutes
Level required : Beginner accepted

Description for the dive shop Newport Diving Center- USA

The Newport Diving Center is a full service PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Center offering PADI , and TDI instruction in water activities ranging from: Snorkeling/Free-Diving, PADI Open Water Scuba Courses, TDI Advanced Nitrox, Extended Range diving, and even Rebreather courses. We stock a full-range of dive equipment from the most popular manufacturers. We have over 20 sets of gear readily available for rental. Let our knowledgeable staff provide you with all the necessary information on dive equipment and our scuba courses. 

The Newport Diving Center believes that our superior service is what sets us apart. Reserve your spot in a Scuba class today. Going on vacation and want to learn to dive but want to do it there? WHY? We can refer you. Ask us how and why here 1st, you will also save $50.00 on the class by starting here and finishing there (NOTE: no other discounts can be given for the referral classes). The Open Water class is the first class you have to take to become a Certified Scuba Diver, You can move up in the Scuba Ranks from there if you wish. 2 words of warning for you if you are interested and shopping around for a Scuba Class:

1. Make sure the class your taking is a Certification class. Just ask if you will be a certified Scuba diver when the class is done. All of our classes ARE certification class and you will receive a PADI certification when you have completed the class in full.

2. Many places do no tell you everything you need until you need it, and it could unexpectedly cost you a lot more money then you expected to finish the class. We hide nothing. We will tell you what the student needs to supply and what we supply for the class. Everything listed below is the minimum you need, this is also known as Basic Snorkeling Gear: Scuba Mask, Scuba Dive Fins, Scuba Snorkel, Scuba Booties, Weight Belt + Weights (10% of body weight + 15 pounds), Gloves Hood - If Needed Dive Knife - Not mandatory but highly recommended. Underwater (Dive) Watch - Not mandatory but highly recommended.

What The Newport Diving Center supplies: Scuba Tanks with air fills BCD Regulators with gauges, Wet Suit, Open Water Crew Pack, comes with Dive Log, Study guide, and paper work.

How far will you take this diving thing? It`s up to you. With PADI Specialty Diver Programs you can chart your course for a colorful collection of awesome dives. Sure, your PADI certification opens up the oceans and lakes to you, but the PADI Specialty Dives take the underwater adventure to depths that will stir your soul. Achieving PADI Specialty ratings can take anywhere from as little as one day to a full weekend, but this is all hands-on, so you`ll be diving right from the start.

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