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Scuba Diving Hawaii - The Ultimate Getaway

In the North Eastern region of the Pacific Ocean, you will find the spectacular islands of Hawaii. It is made up of eight main islands and a chain of islets and is situated west-southwest of San Francisco. Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States of America and its natural beauty and splendor puts it on the wish list of most scuba divers for dive sites to visit.

In Hawaii, a perfect example of an island that caters for both beginner and experienced level divers is Oahu. Moving from one dive spot to another is not that difficult due to the close proximity of most of the islands in Hawaii. There are over 40 dive sites to choose from but one site that is definitely worth visiting is the Pearl Harbor Wall. The shipwrecks and plane wrecks of World War 2 would mesmerize any diver and they would most certainly enjoy exploring the lava formations. Magnificent marine creatures that can be found around these dive spots include sting rays, the famous green sea turtles and hammerhead sharks. You can be sure to encounter beauty at every turn, depending on the dive spot you choose to scuba dive in and the time of day.

Hawaii, the Big Island

One of most spectacular dive spots is the Big Island, Hawaii. Divers can enjoy the fullness of scuba diving Hawaii with visibility up to 100 feet. Features of other dive sites in this big island include caverns, lava tubes and some open water. Intermediate divers can also avail themselves to night diving and this can prove to be very satisfying due to the abundance of marine life that come out at night to feed. Common sights for divers here on the big island include dolphins, whales and sharks.

Beach dives on the side of the Hawaiian island are also available. On these dives, divers can commence their dive from the beach itself and move steadily into open water. For safety and security purposes, divers are often advised to have a guide present. All the islands within the archipelago have great dive sites and the fun of scuba diving in Hawaii is not only limited to the Big Island.


A highly recommended dive spot when scuba diving Hawaii is the dive spots of Molokai. It boasts a long stretch of barrier reefs which plays host to wide variety of marine species and is often bypassed for the more popular dive sites.

You shouldn't look past scuba diving Hawaii if beauty and adventure are the main reasons why you took up scuba diving in the first place. It is easy to fall in love with your surroundings in Hawaii and you will want to return to this paradise over and over again to pay homage to its magical underwater world.