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Scuba Diving in Bonaire Hot

Dive area / region : Bonaire - See the map Scuba Diving in Bonaire

Best diving season : January  •  February  •  March  •  April  •  May  •  December
Recommended number of days to stay : More than 1 week...
Number of dive sites : More than 20 Dive Sites
Water temperature and wetsuit advice : 26C-… : Shorty or Thin Wetsuit
Average visibility : 21 - 25 meters
Average dives depth : 15 Meters
Type of currents : Medium level currents
Months when these currents are present : N/A
General surface conditions : Medium conditions
Wreck types : Old wooden ship  •  Recent world ships  •  Artificial wrecks
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Type of marine life : Barracuda  •  Moray Eels  •  Softcoral  •  Tuna  •  Turtles
Presence of caves / caverns : No


A Bonaire dive vacation is not just a vacation, it's a pilgrimage.

Over 80 top diving sites call to you from Bonaire. The water temperature averages 80 degrees. Over 355 species of fish and over 20 species of stoney coral are found there, to say nothing of the 170 species of marine and inland birds spotted in residence or on migratory visits.
If you are an ardent scuba diver, then you've likely heard about the unbelievable marine life experienced with Bonaire diving. If you are newer to diving, here is your opportunity to learn more about one of the top dive destinations in the world. Bonaire diving is unlike any other diving locale worldwide. Bonaire is an idyllic island in the Dutch Caribbean. With a coveted location outside of the hurricane belt, year round sunshine, pristine coral formations and a thriving sea life population, Bonaire diving is ideal for all levels of divers.

This island is actually the submerged tip of an underwater mountain, so all you have to do is walk off the shore and within a few hundred yards, at depths of 40- to 60- feet you are viewing colorful coral and surrounded by fish. The reefs are in such good shape because Bonaire’s Marine Park was created more than 25 years ago to protect the environment from the high water mark to a depth of 200 feet. (Spearfishing, collecting coral and reef anchoring are prohibited.)

There are 86 marked dive sites along the shore where you can start, if you want to dive by yourself, plus offshore diving and diving around Klein Bonaire. Since diving is the major activity here there are several resorts that have excellent dive programs.

Where is It?
Bonaire is the most eastern of the Leeward Islands in the southwest Caribbean, lying about 50 miles north of Venezuela. The island is part of The Netherlands Antilles, an autonomous region of the Netherlands. Dutch is the official language.

When to Go? The year-round average air and water temperature is 82 degrees, and it's out of the generally accepted hurricane routes. Diving and snorkeling are the major activities here. If these are your main interests this island is a terrific choice. Windsurfing is also popular. If you want lots of nightlife and shopping around your underwater dives, other islands may be better choices. Annual events include the festive Carnival every February and the Bonaire International Regatta in October, when yachts to windsurfers participate in races.

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