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Dive area / region : Vietnam - See the map Scuba Diving in Vietnam

Best diving season : January  •  February  •  March  •  April  •  May  •  June  •  July  •  August  •  September  •  October  •  November  •  December
Recommended number of days to stay : 5 to 7 days
Number of dive sites : More than 20 Dive Sites
Water temperature and wetsuit advice : 21-25C : Thin Wetsuit
Average visibility : 11 - 15 meters
Average dives depth : 15 Meters
Type of currents : Zero or none relevant currents
Months when these currents are present : All year round!
General surface conditions : Medium conditions
Wreck types : Artificial wrecks
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Type of marine life : Anemone  •  Barracuda  •  Corals  •  Crayfish  •  Cuttlefish  •  Dugong  •  Grouper  •  Jacks  •  Jelly fish  •  Lobster  •  Moray Eels  •  Nudibranch  •  Octopus  •  Plants  •  Rays  •  Reef Fish  •  Sea snakes  •  Sea urchins  •  Seahorses  •  Shark - Reef shark  •  Shrimps  •  Softcoral  •  Sponge  •  Squid  •  Star fish  •  Turtles  •  Worms
Presence of caves / caverns : Yes - Open


PADI opened their 1st divecentre in Vietnam in the late '90s. Now there are over 25 diving centres throughout the Country at 8 locations. Still an undeveloped dive destination and well worth the effort!
Vietnam has been hosting recreational divers and teaching PADI courses since the mid '90s. It is an oft overlooked destination being in such close proximity to Thailand, Indonesia + Malaysia; this is a mistake many divers no longer make! Whilst the overall diving can't compare to The Red Sea, Raja Ampat or Sipadan, there are amazing underwater experiences awaiting experienced + novice divers alike! It is also one of the 'safest' countries having not experienced wars, religious or political unrest for decades!

Diving + training is available all year round at the various locations:
-Nha Trang: The diving capital of Vietnam! A beautiful but commercialised tourist seaside city Best diving betweem Feb-October. Gentle coral diving in the Mrine Park and more adventurous diving at the infamous Electric Nose + Pyramids.
-Whale Island: Just 50km north of Nha Trang lies this untouched remore 'Desert Island'. Perfect for getting away from it all. Bamboo bungalows on the beach; a true paradise! Best diving betweem Feb-October nad one of the few places in Vietnam for beach + night diving.
-Hoi An: Gorgeous French Colonial City. Best diving between April - September.
-Phu Quoc Island: In the Gulf of Thailand just off the Cambodian Coastline. Reasonably shallow + safe easy diving. Best season between September - April.
-Con Dao Island: Probably the best diving in Vietnam! The Islands are remote and relatively untouched. Absolute heaven! However, due to its remote location, it is suceptable to the vagueries and tempest from the weather gods, quite unpredictably. Best diving between March-Septmeber.
-Saigon: Land locked City, so no diving, but a great place to start PADI courses and then travel to an Ocean location to complete Open Water training!
Vietnam is not just about the diving; it's the whole cultural experience!
Jeremy from Rainbow Academy.

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